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We know a lot goes into your decision, we can’t explain everything because every family, home, and needs are different. Here is a glimpse of our process and hope we have the opportunity to meet with you in person

Phase 1: Planning

The First Meeting

This is where we start to “explore the possible” by listening carefully to how you envision your dream pool. We measure your yard, take extensive notes, and make sure your needs are addressed. 

Design Consulting

We start by drawing inspiration from your individual tastes and work collaboratively with you to create a 3D design of your pool and landscaping that will fit your family’s style and needs. 


Whether it is your HOA, County, or City permitting, we have you 100% covered. Our in-house architectural design team alongside our project managers will guide you through the entire process from county inspections to soil reports.


Our goal is to get your pool absolutely perfect, that is why prior to excavation we layout the pool, spa, and landscaping features so that you can see exactly how it will be and approve the placement. 

Phase 2: Dig, Structure, & Systems Installation


In just a few days your pool will take shape, our expert excavators will elevate, grade, and leave no dirt behind. 


It’s heavy metal time, rebar is the backbone of your pool and gives it the ability to last a lifetime. These steel bars support the concrete’s shape and strength. 


Plumbing is vital to keep your pool healthy, cycling and filtering, and delivering the right amount of water pressure to your hot tub jets. We go beyond the industry standard on all of our plumbing and irrigation work. 


Usually water and electricity don’t mix but our master electricians bring your pool’s to life. We utilize energy efficient equipment and LED lights as a standard issue for all of our pools. 

Phase 3: Concrete, Equipment, & Finish


Concrete is the foundation of your pool, we supply the highest quality concrete to ensure your pool will last for generations to come. 


We have some of the best masons on this planet. Their attention to detail is next to none, no rough edges, no exceptions. We will start from scratch if it means delivering your perfect pool. 


We supply the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. From state of the art smart pools with automation, to bacteria killing Ozone, we will find the right equipment for your family. 

Interior Finish

The finish line is approaching, whether you decide on plaster or colored pebble, our veteran application specialists will ensure that your interior finish is done properly to last for years to come. 

Phase 4: Enjoy Your Amazing Pool

Your pool is finished but our friendship has just begun. Over the years our favorite moments have been the relationships we have built with our clients. Check out our past explorations to see the possibilities. We build the pools, you create the memories.

Let's collaborate on your new project. We are Ready when you are.